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Dawn of a Nation - From Guttuso to Fontana and Schifano

Organized in the prestigious Strozzi Palace  international reference point for the production of modern and contemporary art shows, highly acclaimed by visitors and critics.

Florence's attention has now moved to modern Italian artistic production, with a project that brings together eighty works in an original and particularly stimulating itinerary of paintings, sculptures, videos and installations that are emblematic of the cultural ferment in Italy from the early 1950s to the late 1960s that means from the artistic and political debate over realism and abstraction in the immediate post-war period to the art of protest of 1968 and the advent of Arte Povera, also taking in the many experiments of Pop Art. Only now, half a century later, can we look back with fresh and greater lucidity at the highly personal path taken by Italian artists such as Fontana, Vedova, Burri, Fabro, Pistoletto, up to the political struggles of 1968 and its slogans of “forbidden to forbid” or “all power to the imagination”. 

Through the history of art, we can trace the dawning of a new, modern sense of this nation with the reinvention of concepts of identity, belonging and collective life in the aftermath of Fascism and the war.