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Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester at the Uffizi

On view the world-famous manuscript to celebrate 500 years from the Genius death.

Uffizi Gallery from 30th October 2018 until 20th January 

Included to the Uffizi ticket; half price till end of February 

 The exhibition includes a wide range of videos and digital footage produced by Galileo Museum 


The Codex Leicester consists of 72 pages compiled in Florence between 1504 and 1508 mostly.

Leonardo focuses on water and tries to focus on its structure, vortex movement, properties as well on benefits for humanity. He sees the cataclysms triggered by flowing waters as the cause of the presence of marine fossils on mountain tops and the continuous changes above and below the Earth’s surface; the genius also studies the Moon‘s light.

In this Codex - belonging to Bill Gates since 1994 - we understand that Leonardo considers art and science equal sources for the best understa of Nature.