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Natalja Gonciarova at Palazzo Strozzi

An important retrospective at Palazzo Strozzi dedicated to Natalja Gon?arova, the famous Russian artist of the twentieth century.

Born in Russia in 1881 and died in Paris in 1962, Natal’ja Gon?arova was an important female painter, protagonist of Russian avant-garde and unconventional icon. The exhibition of Palazzo Strozzi traces through a series of fundamental works her artistic career, and is enriched by paintings by other artists (Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Umberto Boccioni) very important for her. Another section, through photographs and videos, introduces to her world and her era. Natal’ja was a multifaceted and eccentric female figure - not only painter but also designer, costume designer, film actress, dancer - who in several cases challenged public morality with his art (she was tried for exhibiting paintings of female nudes) and with her life choices. Her art went through various phases: form Impressionism to Neo-primitivism, from Fauvism to Rayonism; of the latter movement (characterized by images animated by rays of light projected in multiple directions) she was an authentic protagonist, in a fruitful dialogue also with Italian Futurism. Especially in her first artistic phase, the subjects linked to the Russian popular tradition, peasants’ life, ancient religious icons, were particularly frequent. She played a key role in the development of Russian and European painting – by creating an ideal bridge between East and West, between tradition and innovation - also thanks to the numerous exhibitions of which she was very active organizer. After having moved as exile to Paris in 1914, she participated in important collective exhibitions in the main European cities; for a long period she collaborated with the famous Russian theatre manager Diagilev for whose ballets she designed several costumes and theatrical sets. In the last period, finally, she devoted herself mainly to the illustration of books.