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Family Tours

Family Tours

This entertaining private city walking-tour is for curious families: we will entertain you about life in Leonardo’s or Michelangelo’s period or understand daily habits in a noble Florentine household between the 14th and the end of the 16th centuries.

How did Florentine families live in the Renaissance? What did they eat? What did they wear? What Inferno meant? We want to give you the choice to combine a walking introduction with the Uffizi Gallery or Accademia (with Michelangelo's David)! Wallking tour of Florence Florence is filled with fun, intriguing places for families to explore; we will visit these, and many other. public and private spaces which illustrate everyday life during the Renaissance and provide interesting ways for children to draw parallels with their lives today. Of course all the main outside attractions will be included. This walk is an excellent way for families to build a base knowledge that will accompany your kids on their further discoveries of the city. Explore Florence top highlights and learn about the famous masters that changed culture for ever through curiosities and fun trivia. On the way the best ice-cream. By the way: did you know that gelato was invented in Florence?
The visit of Florence will be really memorable for your family and depending on their age and interests we can suggest the Uffizi or the Accademia: it might be your kids' first museum experience both fun and informative.

Michelangelo in Florence
A tour designed for families with children: learn how Michelangelo sculpted the Prisoners and the David, how it was brought to Piazza della Signoria and then moved to the Accademia Gallery! You will visit Piazza Signoria where are located famous Renaissance statues, the courtyard of Palazzo Vecchio and its frescoes, the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) and the Accademia Gallery where you will admire the massive but elegant David and the so-called “Prisoners”, all original pieces by Michelangelo.

Florence Uffizi Kids Tour
This gallery is the oldest and most famous Renaissance art museum in the world. It includes masterpieces by Leonardo, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael, Giotto mostly collected by the Medici family.
Your personable guide will adapt to your family's age and give a eye-opening tour ingaging the minds and imaginations of our youngest guests.
Focusing on themes, symbols and the historical background in which the paintings were created your guide will shares fascinating facts about the artists and artworks that will bring the Uffizi masterpieces to life. Art museums can offers a lot of interests in different cultures, periods or idea of beauty or power.
Your children will become finer observer and learn having fun.

In all tours children can be invited to draw and interact with the guide. A unique experience that will involve

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