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Women Tour

Women Tour

Lives and Loves of Women from the Middle Ages to present times. A guide tour that focuses on social behaviuors and family's rules. Plus there are important women artists to discover in town such as the baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi (both in the Uffizi and in the Palatine Gallery in the Pitti Palace) or Angelika Kauffman.

However our tour is an introduction to them; while we will walk around the highlights of Florence, we will give a different perspective of Florence's society and talk about incredible nuns, special wifes, duchesses, queens and other great women. 

How was life for women in the Middle Ages & in the Renaissance? Having girls as children was expensive. You had to be able to afford to give them a dowry. And if you couldn’t, things were bleak and there weren’t many choices. We will learn about the trials and tribulations of child birth. Traditional gifts and the treatment of children from wet nursing to swaddling and other practices. We will explore women’s history by walking the picturesque cobblestoned streets and enter one of Florence’s iconic churches, Santa Croce, with its greatest masterpieces but also traces of famous women such as Florence Nightingale or Galileo’s daughter among the others. During the visit you will hear all about what a life was for a Florentine woman, from incredible erudite artists and writers to hardworking nurses, to formidabile warriors and members of the royalty and powerful merchants’ wives, to Medici family members! From the weird to the sublime, to have a daughter could represent a big business and give rise to dynasties All our tours are carefully and custom designed to offer you an entertaining experience while learning

When: every day except Sunday

Duration: 3 hours

Where: the guide can meet you at your hotel in Florence or in front of the Savoy hotel in piazza Repubblica

Price: € 200 up to two people, € 20 each extra person


Sites visited on this tour*

• Santa Croce church

• Dante’s district

• Santa Trinita church

• Palazzo Vecchio’s courtyard

• Pitti palace (external)

*The sites can change according to customers’ wishes or schedules’needs