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Michelangelo in Florence Private Guided Tour

Michelangelo in Florence Private Guided Tour

Here we present two half day tours to discover our most famous artist:  Michelangelo. The young artist was protected by Lorenzo de' Medici and returned to Florence to create the famous David, the Renaisance's most famous sculpture, now in the Accademia Gallery This guided experience will be completed by the visit of the new Duomo Museum and the Santa Croce church, hosting the genius funeral monument. 


His masterpiece is carved from a block of marble which remained neglected for 25 years. Michelangelo was only 27 years old when he started it, this is his achievement after la Pietà of Rome! Other masterpieces by Michelangelo are displayed in this museum: the “non-finito” sculptures –Prigioni - are like figures that appear to be stuck within the marble block, struggling to come out.

Later on two members of the Medici family became popes: Leo X and Clement VII and the first asked to Michelangelo to build and decorate the Sagrestia Nuova – New Sacresty – which is with the so colled Chapel of the Princes part of the Museum called Medici Chapels. In the New Sacresty Michelangelo has showed an innovate use of space which was considered revolutionary for his time. In the Medici Chapels we will discover the various techniques the artist used to achieve a polish finish, revealing smooth and shiny surfaces and a rough, drammatic effects obtained by delving into the material and deepening the shadows.

Intimate Michelangelo

Here we talk about a different aspect of Michelangelo: his most private one. Though Michelangelo’s spirit and genius we will forever walk the streets of Florence to reach one of the most important museum of Florence: Museo dell'Opera del Duomo. Here you will admire his last work: the dramatic Pietà Bandini, carved in Rome in 1550 by himself when he was 75 years old for his own tomb. This sculpture is now housed in the recently restored Museo dell'Opera del Duomo and it is one of the most interesting masterpiece by Michelagelo; the pathos of the composition is palpable and what adds a special significance to this work is the self-portrait of Michelangelo in the likeness of Nicodemus, the male figure holding the lifeless body of Christ flanked by Mary and Magdalene.

More about Michelangelo: half day tour three hours

We propose to complete your visit with onother tour of three hours. After a light lunch break we proceed with Piazza della Signoria, where the original David was first located before being moved to the Academy Gallery; on this square we can still admire important original sculptures from the Renaissance time and Manierism such as Perseo by Cellini and the Neptune fountain by Ammannati, among others. We reach the Church of Santa Croce where Michelangelo, Galileo and Macchiavelli and other illustrious citizens are buried, we will visit the entire complex withing the monastery and the Pazzi Chapel

Both tours are an occasion to enjoy the most famous works by the great artist and some of the most important monuments of Florence. Explore with us the city of Michelangelo retracing the steps of his artistic experience

  • Duration: 3, 4 or 6 hours (to be customized)
  • Entrances: Academy Gallery, Opera del Duomo Museum, Medici Chapels, Santa Croce Church
  • Admissions not included in the tour rate, we take care of the reservation without extra charge
  • Classic Michelangelo: half day (three hours)
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